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How to setup your account easily


 After Roku player setup, there are many troubleshooting tasks to do. If you are successfully setup, your Roku player then you will need to activate your roku com link account, create payments method, add free and paid channels, and updates.


1. Go to account:


·        After connecting Roku with the internet connection, you have to choose language according to you, see a Roku activation code blinking on your TV screen.


·        By using this code you can activate your roku com link account


·        Via a various computer/laptop or Smartphone’s browser type, in the tab bar and enter this Roku activation code.


·        This Roku linking code will help to activate your Roku account.


2. Create a new account on Roku com link:


If you do not have an account on Roku then you have to create a new account. For Roku activation, go to the registration form and fill your all information and click on the submit button. After registration, you may login your account.


3 Roku Account registration process:



·        After registration, you will be needed for your method of payment for any extra paid channels on your Roku.

·        It also can be deleted later from your roku com link account. 


·        One more thing, if you do not want to share your credit cards details then you may also skip this step by using “skip card info” button.



4. Create your of PIN number:

·       If you want to add or watch paid channels on Roku channels store then this is an important process to add a paid channel on Roku.


·       To add or purchase channels to your Roku Account, you have to create 4 digit PIN number, has to be added to your Roku com link account. 


·       For creating PIN number you have to add 4 digit code.


Note: The PIN is not required for free channels, only the paid channels subscriber.


5. Fill the payment method details:

Enter your credit cards number or details


·        4 digit code


·        Your name


·        Your address

·        Phone number etc


In case you require further information and guidance for activation, Roku player setup, please contact our @ +1 +1 410-443-0029 or visit us at